Honduras Missions – Christmas Parties #3

Honduras Missions – Christmas Parties #3

The last two Mondays, I have been writing about Honduras Missions – Christmas Parties and this will be the last in the series. We celebrate Christmas is such an enormous way compared to many in this world.

Honduras Missions-Christmas Parties #3/Domingo's apple

I remember stories of when my parents were children, about how they received apples and oranges for Christmas and they looked forward to receiving them. What do you think your children would think or say if that’s what they received today?  Well, the people in Honduras joyously receives apples. Apples are way too expensive for a normal person in the mountains to buy.

Honduras Missions-Christmas Parties #3/giving gifts

We give gifts to each child and an apple. The gifts are little McDonald toys, matchbox cars, stuffed animals, and dolls purchased at yard sales when we come back to the states in the summer.

Honduras Missions-Christmas Parties#3/big bag of toys

This year a team brought gifts and money to feed each person and to purchase apples. The bag of gifts is almost as big as this little girl. We, then showed a movie and the young man, Noah White from Pennsylvania, entertained the children juggling on his unicycle.

Honduras Missions-Christmas Parties #3/unicycling/juggling

This last photo shows the excitement of the children looking to see what each other received. We were able to give several toys in each bag. We even gave Zhu Zhu pets. You should have seen the reaction when we demonstrated how they worked. The screams and laughter were priceless.

Honduras Missions-Christmas Parties #3/looking at each others christmas bags

To read about the Christmas celebration meals that they have visit Honduras Missions – Christmas Parties # 2


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